Congo Custard - Deep from within the dense jungles of the Congo comes a strawberry and custard mix that incorporates two delicious and distinctly different vanilla blends, along with the succulent flavour of freshly picked strawberries. An exotic take on the classic strawberries and cream

Kanzi - In the dense jungles of the congo lives Kanzi, a Primate with the sweetest tooth. featuring a delicious concoction of watermelons and strawberries, Kanzi is a delicately finished with a hint of kiwi that rounds the flavours off superbly.

Mangabeys - Transporting you to the carefree coasts of the cool Caribbean, Mangabeys is a delightful blend of Guava, Pineapple, and tasty mango, which is accented by a myriad of Caribbean tropical fruits. Bright and fresh, this e-liquid is the vaping equivalent of a chilled day in the sun shine.

O-RangZ - Tired of foraging for edibles among the morning dew drops, twelve monkey's have created a delightful breakfast-themed vape. o-RangZ features a myriad of citrus fruits and leamones, along with touches of wheat cereal and creamy milk. *Not to be used as a replacement for breakfast*

Tropika - A plethora of punchy exotic fruits populate this palate pleasing e-liquid. primarily a tropical fruit mix, the fun comes from trying to figure out what flavours they have deliciously blended together in this vaping concoction. the perfect e-liquid for day dreaming on a sandy beach, or hacking plants with a machete in the rain forest.

Primal Pipe - Designed to stimulate the senses of even the most demanding tobacco connoisseurs, primal pipe from twelve monkeys is 90% VG e-liquid containing earthy tones of tobacco, along with a delicate mix of sweet and nutty flavour notes. So put that in yer pipe and vape it!


Blissful  Vape