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Did You Know?


All of our E-Juice is Canadian!  As such we ensure that the E-Juice we sell comes from ECTA certified Manufacturers and Distributors.  This takes all the guess work out of choosing a Safe and Reliable E-Juice.  Now your biggest worry is which flavor to buy next!

Special Flavors

Bold Tobacco

Full Bodied Tobacco

Menthol Tobacco

Mild Tobacco

Pure Tobacco

RY4 Tobacco

Classic Cola

Grape Crush

Green Dew

Peach Soda

Rich Cappuccino

Root Beer

Drink Flavors

Fruit Flavors

​Black Cherry


Coco Banana

Double Apple







Cooling Menthol

Creamy Vanilla


White Freezie

Tobacco Flavors

      We're Keeping It Local!  By manufacturing in Canada, we are able to oversee  and control the quality of the liquids we produce. This allows you to enjoy the  consistent and phenomenal taste of PurEliquid.  All our liquids use 99.7% pure  ingredients, the highest available on the market today.  Our mission is to provide  you a product with unmatched attention to quality, consistency and flavor, while placing a strong emphasis on maintaining the highest level of industry standards.