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All of our E-Juice is Canadian!  As such we ensure that the E-Juice we sell comes from ECTA certified Manufacturers and Distributors.  This takes all the guess work out of choosing a Safe and Reliable E-Juice.  Now your biggest worry is which flavor to buy next!

Did You Know?


Ruthless E-Juice is a California based e-juice company but distributed in Canada. We create mouth watering e-juices that maximize the vaping experience. We take pride in our e-juice and use only the finest of ingredients. All our ingredients are USA made. Try one of our delicious flavors and make Ruthless E-Juice your all day vape!!

With a background in the culinary arts, our juice makers create the most unique and flavorful e-juices on the market. Customer service and quality are the key to our success. We strive to make Ruthless E-Juice a staple in the vaping community. We are a family here at Ruthless and make everyone we meet a member of it.

Banana Chips - The taste of dried Banana Chips, The popular snack sold in many Asian markets

C.R.E.A.M.sicle - A tangerine/orange blast with a hint of various different creams. (85% VG / 15% PG)

EZ Duz It - a mixture of strawberry and watermelon (90% VG / 10% PG)

EZ Duz It with Ice -  The menthol version of our popular Ez Duz It

Grape Drank - The flavor of grape skittles and grape soda (85% VG / 15% PG)

Jungle Fever - The taste of pineapple, mango and other citrus flavors (90% VG / 10% PG)

Mandingo - Banana Cinnamon Nut Bread (60% VG / 40% PG)

Menage A Trois - Raspberry creme brule cheesecake (60% VG / 40% PG)

Rise - Lychee mango / Redbull Flavor (60% VG / 40% PG)

Slurricane -  A tropical bled of peach, papaya, and guava (90% VG / 10% PG)

Swamp Thang - Sour apple jolly rancher (85% VG / 15% PG)